there for you

There for you

The universe is always there for you. How wonderful! Just as you create your own life through your actions, you can make a conscious decision to make your own connection to the cosmos. You can listen deeply for messages being sent your way, and you can call on strength when you need it.

There may be times when you don’t feel that connection, because things aren’t going well or you are out of sorts. You are cut off somehow, maybe overly distracted or ‘up inside your head.’ The truth is, however, that the universe will always be there, just as the air is always there for you to breathe. You don’t even have to think about it. You just breathe, and there it is.

You can also make the conscious decision to take a slow, deep breath, and feel the air coming powerfully in and going easily out. After even a few breaths, you feel refreshed and calmed. And the more that you invest yourself in breathing mindfully, the more benefit you find. Is the air somehow different? No, it is your choice that has made the difference. The air is the same, always there.

Reconnecting with the universe is as easy as taking a deep breath. Inhaling, you fill your body with life-giving oxygen, and when you exhale, you release the used air. Feel your cells react to each new in-breath, and relax each time you breathe out. Whether you spend a longer time in meditation, or simply take a moment to close your eyes and practice mindful breathing, you are moving in the direction of that deep stillness within you. This is the place you can feel your oneness with all beings, the source from which great love and compassion arise. This is the place where you can touch the truth.

May it be a comfort to you, when you feel at odds with life, to take a simple breath and find your way back home.

It is there, always, for you.


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