What does your diet consist of? We all know it is best to eat foods that nourish us, but it is also good to think about how your diet nourishes the world. Does your diet speak to your beliefs? Is it consistent with your values? For instance, I might value justice but eat food that contributes to keeping workers in positions of slave labor. I might value the earth but eat food that destroys the land in ways other foods don’t. These days, it’s almost impossible to eat in a way that aligns perfectly with one’s values, but it is worth considering.

How about your senses? How do you feed them? Do you give your ears nourishment by listening to music, the sounds of birds, the wind in the trees, or the voice of a loved one?

Everything we hear is food for our ears, just as everything we see is food for our eyes, and it all becomes food for our consciousness. When we ingest the news, with its ubiquitous advertisements, it has an effect. Advertising pushes messages at us constantly, often affecting us in a negative manner. We want what we don’t have, and we will never live up to the images that we see. The news itself can certainly be a toxin, worming its way into our consciousness. And our reactions to the news can even compound the negativity, until we are filled with the nutriments we have ingested – Fear? Shame? Disgust? No wonder so many of us feel depressed!

It’s important to think about what you are ingesting — what you are feeding your consciousness — and to strive for a balanced consciousness diet. Remember to give your eyes a heaping helping of beauty. You need only look at the sky or the smiling eyes of a friend to find this. Give your ears a taste of a child’s laughter, the ocean’s roar or a favorite piece of music. Treat your nose to the fragrance of pine or rosemary, the smell of a fresh flower or a soup on the stove. Feel the sun and the wind on your cheek and the fresh air in your lungs. Search for things to ingest that fill your consciousness with beauty, gratitude, compassion and peace.

There are more than enough unhealthy nutriments in the world to fill everyone’s consciousness with fear, craving and despair. We cannot avoid them, and staying connected to humanity is necessary if we are to work for the betterment of our planet. But these poisons can be counteracted by consciously ingesting – like an antidote – those nutriments that nourish and refresh.

After all, you are what you ingest! Be peace.


One thought on “nutriments

  1. I like how you snuck “ubiquitous” in there. What a former teacher called a “.25 cent word.” And yeah, I hear you, but sometimes junk food feeds my soul. Like my indulgence in the “Meat Coma,” at Salvage Barbecue the other night. I paid for it, physically and spiritually, but, man, it was fierce tasty!


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