permission to be



Buddhism gives us the permission we may need to just be. In fact, just being is very important to practitioners. It is the heart of meditation; finding the quiet mind state where one can let the world fall away.

Reaching beyond the noise and drama of our busy lives is also the path to joy, and the teachings of the Buddha light the way. They are recorded and ready for anyone who would like to open up to understanding them. Taking the time to care about your own joy is not selfish – it is healthy! And it multiplies and spreads like the ripples on a pond.

You can, for instance, dream. You can imagine following your bliss, and even if you never get there, you can hold that beautiful dream in your heart. It is yours and it is important. But why not take a step in the direction of that personal dream? Even a small step would have the same effect as the ripples on the pond.

You can also take more control of your thoughts, by consciously nurturing those thoughts that are of benefit to you. You can water the seeds of positivity with your attention, allowing them to take root and grow. You can claim your power by watering the seeds of your brave, authentic self, feeling pride in the strengths you know you have.

With the knowledge of and focus on your dreams, as well as the positive energy you are generating, you may even find that you can leave behind a limiting belief or two. It involves practice, to be sure, but the path is clear for anyone who wants to step on, because each of us has a unique belief system, one that goes way beyond the spiritual. I’m talking about beliefs that have been instilled in us by our teachers or our parents, that we continue to believe even if we know they are false. They are nothing more than thoughts that we keep accepting, and yet we live our lives based on them. What if it was possible to simply let go of those old beliefs, and instead shine a bright light in the direction of your dreams?

Best of all, practicing these simple notions can change the feeling in your heart. And when you dare to open your heart and follow your joy, the universe benefits like the ripples on a pond.




5 thoughts on “permission to be

  1. You’re writing style is quite soothing. I feel like it embodies the lessons of Buddhism and Taoism, nothing forced but but everything expressed.

    I liked what you said about planting seeds of positivity. I know I have a tendency of trying to force positivity and then getting frustrated when it doesn’t work. But planting seeds…this emphasizes that positivity must be cultivated over time. Thank you for sharing!


    1. The great modern thinker José Ortega y Gasset said, ““Tell me to what you pay attention and I will tell you who you are.”
      Thank you for your kind words, Myles. And p.s., there is a reason it is called practice!

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