your beautiful heart


Do you think you could embody five qualities at the same time?
Could you be gentle and tender, sharp and clear and, at the same time, open?
You can think about them individually: what does being soft and tender feel like? Next, what is it to be clear and sharp? And last, what does it feel like to be open?
Now, if you can do it all at the same time – compassion, clarity and openness – you are truly experiencing life from within your best self.

Often, when we are able to find this wonderful sweet spot within us, there is an element of sadness as well. Who knows why? Perhaps it is to balance us, or perhaps we all have an inherent poignancy at our core. Maybe we are touching the sorrow that exists within other sentient beings on our planet. We can explore this bit of melancholy when it surfaces, but it need not prevent us from discovering our conscious, genuine heart.

Give yourself the gift of awakening your beautiful heart in this way.




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