breathing unites us


How wonderful that we have a built-in mechanism for focusing – it is our breath. It has always been there, and yet, once you begin to discover its usefulness in calming your mind, you will wonder how you could have overlooked it for so long.

Each breath is an opportunity to come back to the present. It doesn’t matter if we are sick or poor or lost in deep despair – it is accessible to anyone, whenever you want it.

As you learn to be with your breath, you will become aware of a myriad of distractions – thoughts, sounds, sensations — they are everywhere! The trick is to let them go. Just keep letting them go. Smile and come back to your breathing. This is your time to just breathe.

A trick I learned once is to imagine a small windmill at the back of your throat. As you breathe in, the windmill turns one way, then it slows and maybe even comes to a stop before beginning to turn the other way with your outbreath.

As you begin the transition from a scattered mind to a focused, calm, observant mind, you will be amazed to realize how cluttered your mind is – an important first step.

Your breathing is a miracle. It is the same miracle that exists in every living being. Breathing connects us to each other. It is life. It is God. It is greater than any of us.



One thought on “breathing unites us

  1. one of my teachers likened the breath to a friend at a crowded party. occasionally you might lose sight of her, but then you catch her eye. you want to be with her, but you don’t have to push and shove everyone out of the way to get to her, just make eye contact, and “oh, there’s my friend,” and breathe together. it’s a beautiful thing.

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