precious presence



What if you could ignore your mind for a bit?

That racing tension and that agitated inner confusion…. Am I good enough? Am I right? And how about those emotions: the anger, the jealousy, the fear – would you like to take a little break from them?

Try mindfulness.

We are so rarely fully awake and aware. We are always going over that last conversation, planning for tomorrow, wishing things were different, or even thinking about that great blog post we read today. And haven’t we all fumbled with the camera to capture a moment, only to miss it, in the photo and also in mindfulness?

The best way to capture a moment is by paying attention, by being fully present. And you are never more than a breath away from that fully awake state, whether you are on the bus, on the beach or on the sofa. You may have to remind yourself over and over to come back to the here and now, but that is part of cultivating mindfulness. Even if you can only sustain it for a few moments, you can feel the refreshment of taking a mindfulness break. And if you find you like it, you can continue to practice, training in capturing moments of precious presence.


2 thoughts on “precious presence

  1. “just this breath, just this moment.” would that our modern life honored breathing. that staring out the window and breathing was respected as a valuable thing to devote one’s time to.


  2. Have you read Dan Harris’s book, “10% Happier?” Its a pleasant read and gave me hope that meditation might catch on like brushing your teeth and jogging has (for many/some). Recommended read!


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